Miss Emily Dickin

Orthodontic Therapist

Good dental care is delivered by a team of dental professionals. Orthodontic therapy is a relatively new branch of operative dentistry; and although it has existed as a discipline in the United States of America and Canada for many years, its existence in the UK has only become possible as a result of recent legislative change. Orthodontic therapists must gain higher qualifications and be trained in programmes accredited by the General Dental Council and the Royal Colleges of Surgeons. They then see patients in conjunction with, and under the supervision of orthodontists.

Emily has a degree in Sociology from Warwick University, and she was a dental nurse and then an orthodontic nurse before qualifying as an orthodontic therapist at King’s College London. She is an exceptionally talented individual who is enthusiastic, charming and very capable. We are delighted that Emily is part of our clinical care team.

We have always wanted to remain a forward-thinking and state-of-the-art orthodontic practice. The presence of orthodontic therapists will make the practice more efficient and organised for patients. Their role will involve the implementation of treatment plans prescribed by the orthodontists. Their experience and qualifications enable them to carry out virtually all orthodontic procedures, but all treatment decisions will still be taken by the specialist orthodontists.

Having Emily here will bring in fresh energy, and will have numerous additional benefits for the practice and our valued patients. The orthodontists can devote more time to diagnosis and treatment planning; patients will get more personal attention from the operator, thus further enhancing the quality of clinical care we provide; it allows more focus on helping patients maintain excellent standards of oral hygiene; there will be more cover for emergencies; and it provides additional appointments and more flexibility for patients at peak times. Our orthodontic therapists help us remain a modern practice which provides the highest standards of orthodontic care.